Specialist Lubricants

UOP holds an extensive portfolio of lubricants for use across a multitude of specialist industries including Chemical, Cement, Power, Mining, Quarries, Steel, Engineering, Marine, Port and Textiles.

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High Temperature Chain Oils

Our range of high performance chain oils are suitable for a wide range of industries and uses, but primarily in applications where the use of ovens and dryers is critical to the operation. Formulated on a range of thermally stable synthetic fluids, our high temperature chain oils ensure a reduction in carbon deposits as well as increasing productivity by extending lubrication intervals.

Wire Rope Oils, Grease and Dressings

Our superior formulation ensures excellent penetration and protection of wire ropes in all arduous industries to include offshore, docks and ports and mining. The range extends to include pseudoplastic, biodegradable and VGP compliant products.

Complex Greases

By incorporating Calcium Sulphonate our complex greases have a higher dropping point, making them beneficial for high-temperature applications. This highly water resistant range makes it ideal of application in the steel, offshore, marine and port applications.

PFPE Grease

Extreme performance greases, which are impervious to chemical attack, formulated for use in critical applications where standard greases fail to perform. Our PFPE greases are non-flammable and non-corrosive making them the preferred choice in extreme temperature and arduous applications.

Glass Industry

A product range of lubricants designed specifically for the glass industry to include:

  • Pre-coats
  • Shear spray lubricants
  • Scoop oils
  • Transfer coating
  • IS machine lubricants
Hot and Cold Forming and Forging Oils and Grease

Our range of specially formulated forming lubricants are available either as chlorinated or chlorine free oils and greases with a range of viscosities to suit the application.


Rust Preventives

Solvent based, water extendable or premixed emulsion, our range provides a waxy or oily film which prevents the formation of rust and corrosion on bare metal surfaces. The rust preventives can be spray or dip applied.

All of our products are formulated for both specific and generic applications and are available in a wide variety of packaging.

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