Metalworking Lubricants

Our range of premium metalworking and cutting products formulated to improve cutting performance, increase tool life, enhance dimensional accuracy and reduce frictional heat.

Our metalworking lubricants are specifically formulated for high-severity applications including tapping, threading, broaching and reaming, and all alloys including difficult to machine metals.

The high lubricity makes these products also suited to drawing, pressing, stamping, extruding, forging and forming applications.

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Metal Cutting Compounds – Hand Applied

Our range includes Chlorinated, Chlorine free, Mineral oil free, and eco lubricants which provide excellent surface finish to components and protect tooling from wear and damage.

Metal Cutting Fluids – Hand Applied

A range of superior performing metal cutting fluids formulated to exceed the performance of marketing leading products. The range of cutting fluids includes chlorinated, chlorine-free, mineral oil free and eco-friendly plus a water dilutable alternative.

The range can also be used to fortify bulk cutting fluids enhancing lubricity.

Metalworking Spray

The UOP range of Metal Cutting Fluids can be supplied in aerosol form if requested.


A range of naturally derived base oils for the near dry sawing and cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

All of our products are formulated for both specific and generic applications and are available in a wide variety of packaging.

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