Food-Safe Products

Our extensive range of H-1 approved products have been developed with NSF and USDA approved base lubricants and components for indirect food contact. All grades are compounded with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation plus anti-wear/EP additives.

Our Food-Safe range of lubricants are clean and non-staining, which means that these products can also be used in the wider food and clean industries.

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High Performance Chain Oils

A comprehensive range of chains oils developed for the food industry.

  • High temperature chain oils for use in bakery ovens
  • Moisture resistant chain oils for use in proofers and coolers.

NSF H1 registered for total peace of mind.

Hydraulic, Gear and Lubricating Oils

High performance, fully synthetic fluids designed for effective lubrication of hydraulic systems and gearboxes.


Food grade greases designed for use in the wider food and clean industries.  Our range includes:

  • High Performance Grades
  • PFPE
  • Calcium Sulphonate Complexes
All of our products are formulated for both specific and generic applications and are available in a wide variety of packaging.

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