Automotive & Maintenance

UOP offers a complete range of automotive workshop and maintenance products formulated to suit all customers needs and applications.

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Penetrating and rust inhibiting oil

A highly efficient, water displacing oil product which produces an oily rust-preventative film, enabling short to medium term internal corrosion protection while providing excellent penetration of corroded surfaces.

Anti-seize compounds

A wide range of anti-seize compounds working with a traditional copper base that can be used in high temperature application to prevent seizing, galling and corrosion between mated surfaces. A metal free variant is also available.

Red rubber grease

A ‘normal-firm’ (NLGI  2-3) mineral oil free grease used in the assembly and preservation of rubber parts.

Red rubber grease is compatible with natural and synthetic rubbers to include tyres, hoses, and hydraulic components.

Pigmented greases

Available in a range of graphited or moly containing variants, with either a soap or non-soap base, that can be used in fifth wheel applications and in high contaminated environments such as construction,mining and haulage.

Cutting fluids and compounds

Hand applied cutting, drilling, tapping fluids and compounds in easy to use packaging. Our high performance formulation can significantly extends tool life.

All of our products are formulated for both specific and generic applications and are available in a wide variety of packaging.

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