Anti-Seize & Assembly

The UOP range of anti-seize and assembly compounds are formulated to reduce and control friction and prevent the seizure of threaded and jointed applications by providing a physical lubricating barrier between the mating faces.

We offer a comprehensive range of metal fortified and metal-free compounds which provide solutions for a multitude of applications, operating temperatures, chemical environments, load conditions and component materials.

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Premium Copper

A high-performance anti-seize and assembly compound for heavy duty industrial applications including mining and marine environments.

Standard Copper-Graphite

A standard grade, high -performance copper-graphite anti-seize compound developed for general use including engineering and automotive applications.


A copper free anti-seize compound developed for use with aluminium and non-ferrous fittings.

Chrome Steel

A high-temperature anti-seize compound formulated for stainless steel applications operating at extreme temperatures. The product is a non-hazardous alternative to Nickel.


This high-performance anti-seize compound is specifically formulated to address applications where the use of metal-based compounds are prohibited.

Free of all metallic elements thus preventing the formation of electro-chemical corrosion cells.


An extreme temperature metal-free anti-seize paste, this compound eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals.

Food Machinery

A premium performance food grade anti-seize specially created to provide lubrication and protection to components operating in areas where there is a possibility of incidental food contact.

NSF H1 registered.

Assembly Pastes

A range of high-performance assembly pastes, both Moly containing and other Moly free. Use of assembly compounds eliminates the risk of scuffing, pick-up or scoring during the bedding in period.

All of our products are formulated for both specific and generic applications and are available in a wide variety of packaging.

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