About Us

With over 60 years expertise in the lubricants industry United Oil Products Limited is one of the few truly independent oil and grease manufacturers in the United Kingdom.
The keys to the success of our business are:


Our speciality lies in our ability to be flexible to the needs of our customers. Producing a range of standard and speciality industrial lubricants and metal processing fluids, we offer a turnkey service to independent brands round the world. Our customers products can be seen on shelves in more than 90 countries worldwide.

At United Oil Products, we offer clients a complete solution to product development. From formulation development to manufacturing and testing, we are your partner every step of the way. From 400g cartridges to 1000 litre IBC’s, our Manchester manufacturing plant can accommodate the size and scale to suit your needs.

Confidentiality and protection of Intellectual Property is something that we take very seriously when partnering with clients to create new products. We are proud of our ability to offer clients unrivalled security ensuring that their IP is just that, theirs and theirs alone.

Every product that we create is backed by the highest industry standards and ratings. With a state-of-the art laboratory, we can ensure both technical excellence and innovation for our clients.

We pride ourselves upon our Product Stewardship and Compliance to UK, EU and Global regulations and can provide our customers with any MSDS and CLP labels.