Lubricant Producer United Oil Products Relocates to Manchester

United Oil Products (UOP) has relocated its factory from Monmouth, South Wales to Irlam, Manchester. 

UOP was purchased two years ago by the Bishopdale Group, a private holding company for a group of industrial lubricant brands – Metalube, Molyslip and UOP.  The move up to the North West ensures that all three businesses are now housed in one central location but still operating as independent business units.

UOP has over 20 years expertise and continues to produce a range of standard, speciality and niche market lubricants using its own and customer specified formulations.  The company offers a complete service to major brands and independent marketing companies in more than 70 countries world. 20% of the existing workforce have relocated to Manchester with the business.

Matt Buffin, Commercial Manager, UOP says: “This move up to the Irlam headquarters can only be positive for UOP.  The Bishopdale Group provides state of the art laboratories and all the latest technologies with the plant that is over 2500 Sq metres in size.  It allows us to streamline the business and become more efficient and therefore providing our customers with a superior service.  Integrating the groups central operations such as accounting, our SAP software system and customer services is already providing customer with a more seamless operation.”



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