Bespoke UK Toll Manufacturer of Oils, Greases and H-1 Foodsafe Lubricants

Our Range of Products

Anti-Seize Compounds

These compounds ease assembly and disassembly of threaded, press-fit, slip-fit and other metal connections by reducing friction and wear and establishing a barrier between 'mating' surfaces.

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High Performance Greases

A range of premium metalworking and cutting products formulated to improve cutting performance and prolong tool life by reducing frictional heat.

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Foodsafe Products

H-1 approved products are compounded with ashless, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and EP additives. As these additives are ashless no elements, such as copper, lead, zinc or carbon are present, making them ideally suitable as food machinery lubricants.

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Specialist Lubricants

An extensive portfolio of products for use across a multitude of industries including Automotive, Food, Chemical, Cement, Power, Mining, Quarries, Farming, Steel, Engineering, Marine and Textiles.

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Automotive and Workshop

A complete range of workshop and maintenance products to suit all needs and applications.

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