Own Label Anti Seize Thread Compounds

Anti-Seize and Thread Compounds & Anti-Scuff and Assembly Pastes

Anti-Seize Thread Compounds and Anti-Scuff and Assembly Pastes

These compounds ease assembly and disassembly of threaded, press-fit, slip-fit and other metal connections by reducing friction and wear and establishing a barrier between ‘mating’ surfaces. The surfaces are protected from rust, corrosion, galling and seizure. Different formulations are offered depending on the metals to be treated, environment, temperature, loading, chemical contact, shock loading and vibration.

Our Range

Premium Copper

For general heavy duty industrial and marine applications.

Standard Copper-Graphite

For engineering and automotive applications.


Still available with lead for extremely high pressures, shock loading and vibration.


For use in areas where objections can be raised to the presence of copper and/or lead. For example where copper can be electrically active and where lead must be excluded from possible contact with foodstuffs and potable liquids.


For stainless steel and extra high temperatures.

Chrome Steel

For stainless steel and extra high temperatures where the use of nickel is prohibited.


As its name suggests for use where there are objections to the presence of metals.

Food Machinery

For use where there is the possibility of incidental contact with foodstuffs.


Very high temperature heavy duty that is metal free.

Moly Assembly Pastes 40 and 60

Gelled lubricating oil containing Molybdenum Disulphide, forming soft pastes, together with rust and corrosion inhibitors. The load carrying capacity of MoS2 is in excess of 140,000 p.s.i. above the yield point of most metals. Thus, when a hydrodynamic oil film is not present, wear or damage is prevented. Assembling machines with the compound eliminates scuffing, pick-up or scoring during the bedding in period after which the machine will run for its designed life with minimum wear.